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It has been so exciting to be a part of TRANSFORMING marriages. I'm looking forward to helping you reach your goals for your marriage. 

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Sexual Addiction Recovery in Alabama

For over 30 years I have been helping couples stop arguing and understand each other better. I help couples recover from affairs and restore trust again. No matter what challenges you are facing in your marriage I can teach you the tools you need to prosper in your relationship.

Getting help when you are struggling is the smart thing to do. If you have been questioning your marriage it is imperative that you get help. Your marriage is your most important investment in life.

Couples come into treatment with many different issues ranging from having really bad arguments to experiencing trust issues. Couples tend to make a lot of mistakes when communication breaks down. They say mean things to each other and make selfish decisions. Learning how to communicate effectively is what every couple needs for their marriage to prosper. Couples must have the ability to talk through things in a productive way. They must be able to be honest and share their truth with one another.

Communication is the only way to resolve unresolved issues. That is why counseling is so important. The therapist helps you talk about things in a way that brings healing and resolution to unresolved conflict and underlying emotional issues.

I've know what it takes to transform an unhappy marriage. A few counseling sessions is often not enough. Many times there are layers of issues like hurt, abuse, addiction and trauma histories that need to be addressed.

I hurt for couples who love each other but can't seem to get on the same page. I am committed to keeping children with both parents and ending cycles of broken relationships. I want to help you keep your family together and prosperous.

Many couples would rather divorce than do the work to repair their marriage. Over the 30+ years seeing hundreds of couples I have learned that change requires dedicated effort for an extended period of time. One or two sessions is not enough to escape those destructive patterns that have torn you apart. I have seen many who show up for a few sessions so they can say they did everything before heading to divorce court. I work best with couples who recognize they both have issues and have room for improvement. The couples I see are desperate for change. They are committed to achieving the marriage they want. Recognizing they didn't get where they are over night they are open to do whatever it takes to change themselves and their relationship.

I have created an effective treatment program to help couples make that 180 turn around in their marriage. My Sizzling Hot Marriage Coaching Program is just what you need to end the conflict and learn how to be happily married. This 12-month program is a comprehensive and holistic approach to transforming your marriage. It has been so effective I offer a money back guarantee - all course fees back for couples who complete all the lessons yet make no progress.

Ready to get started? Schedule initial sessions where I will share how I can help you take your marriage to the next level.

Thanks for checking me out. I'm looking forward to helping you transform your marriage.

~Joe Follette, Jr., M.Div., M.S. 
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Why We Recommend This Program

Shanek & Tobricy share their testimony.


Barry and Shelly hare their experience.


Learn how to improve your communication and deepen your intimacy. Too many couples miss out on the joy of a great marriage. Love is a terrible thing to waste. If you are tired of going around in circles and are ready to achieve the happiness you expected to enjoy when you said "I do", here's your opportunity to turn things around once and for all. Don't put off for tomorrow what you can do today!

Treatment Option 1

This program is designed to teach you how to stop arguing and build your marriage rather than tear it down. In each lesson you will be exposed to different concepts that will help you see yourself, your spouse and your marriage differently. When you see things differently you will act differently. Education is the key to success! You may have to return to these concepts time and time again for them to fully mature in your understanding and behavior. Just keep in mind that when you decide to change you will change. 

This 12-month coaching program accomplishes what traditional therapy alone is unable to do. During traditional therapy discussion tends to be centered on the immediate concerns of the couple. The program has the ability to expand the couples vision beyond their current formulation and beliefs about marriage and each other to what it actually takes to build a happy marriage. The group sessions provide couples company along the journey and a word of encouragement just when it is needed. They also provide bad and good examples along with accountability for your continued growth and understanding of how relationships work best. God is an important part of this journey as well. Prayer changes things.

The ultimate objective of this course is for you to become a Sizzling Hot Marriage. To gain the title of Sizzling Hot Marriage you must  complete the Stop Arguing Course, attend your individual and couple sessions, attend the two retreats and demonstrate your improved agreement on the Prepare/Enrich post-test.

Treatment Objectives

  1. Challenge your view of marriage
  2. Modify dysfunctional behavior patterns in your marriage
  3. Decrease emotional avoidance and eliminate arguing
  4. Improve communication and conflict resolution skills
  5. Enhance marital intimacy and sexual relationship
  6. Increase recognition of individual and relationship strengths
  7. Develop your marriage support system

Course Outline

The course is divided up into 16 modules and intended to be completed in 16 weeks. Each week a new module will be released. It is important that you keep up to avoid falling behind and risk not completing the course. Your level of engagement will determine what you get out of it.

Each week represents a step you must take to move toward becoming an argument free couple and a Sizzling Hot Marriage.

  • Week 1 - Welcome and Introduction
  • Week 2 - Bond with Your Classmates
  • Week 3 - Stop Waiting on Your Spouse to Change
  • Week 4 - Learn How to Communicate Love to Your Spouse
  • Week 5 - Effectively Manage Conflict
  • Week 6 - Be True to Yourself Part I
  • Week 7 - Be True to Yourself Part II
  • Week 8 - Develop Your Personal Profile
  • Week 9 - Seek Agreement
  • Week 10 - Control Your Emotions
  • Week 11 - Practice Effective Communication
  • Week 12 - Focus on Making Love
  • Week 13 - Plan for Happiness
  • Week 14 - Celebrate Marriage
  • Week 15 - Help Somebody Else
  • Week 16 - Graduation

Week 1 introduces you to the objectives of this course. Week 2 introduces you to your community and helps you get engaged with them. Week 3 reinforces your commitment to make changes and introduces you to some behaviors you will need to change. Week 4  begins with an introduction to the most important skill you will learn in this course - reflective listening. Week 5 sets you on the road to learn how to better resolve conflict. Week 6 helps you better understand who you are and your contribution to the conflicts in your marriage. Week 7 helps you better understand your spouse and their contribution to the conflicts in your marriage. It also helps you identify your strengths and growth areas as a couple as well as understand your relationship dynamics. Week 9 will show you how to create "We-Win" outcomes to your disagreements. Week 10 will teach you how to better control your emotions. Week 12 will help you focus on the right things. Week 13 will lead you to developing your marriage plan. And in module 14 you will celebrate your marriage and what you have accomplished in this course. Week 15 you will learn how to help another couple improve their marriage. And in week 16 you will graduate.

Following the course you will continue your journey attending retreats and follow up sessions as needed with the therapist. It takes a full year to get a full perspective change. You'll see when you get on the other side.


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