Reconnecting to Your Marriage in a Busy World

Life can be so busy! Even when you try to slow it down there are so many things to handle that it can be hard to enjoy the “down time”. Going through life at this pace, day after day, can wreak havoc on a marriage leaving you passing each other by in the wind. A common feeling among couples in this situation is feeling like roommates. No one gets married to have a roommate!

Getting to a place of feeling like roommates indicates that issues have gone unaddressed for way too long. The thought of adding another “to do” to your long list of activities can feel daunting, no matter how necessary it is. Instead of adding another place for you to go, it can be helpful to have some tools to implement on your own time. Here’s a great tool that can help begin the process of re-connection in your marriage. 

Take turns planning a monthly date night (day).

  • On this date night ask, Is there any need you have that I might work on meeting?
  • On this date share with your spouse “What I really appreciate about you is…”

This will help you get started putting the focus back on your spouse and marriage. If you’re looking for a complete igniter to help jump start transformation in your marriage come to our Sizzling Hot Marriage Retreat in Orlando, Florida from February 13 - 16, 2020. You’ll learn how to use more tools like the one above, including my SLAPPS method to stop arguing.

Be sure not to overwhelm yourselves and have fun with it! It’s important to enjoy the time you share working this; build it into your schedule. Take this tool, master it, then learn another one. Your marriage deserves it and so do you!


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