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About Joe

  • Ordained Seventh-Day Adventist Minister
  • Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
  • Specializing in working with married couples over the last 20 years
  • Two Masters Degrees
  • Father of 5
  • In my second marriage of 19 years
  • Singer and Songwriter
  • Author and Speaker

Every Couple Has Conflict

But not all couple conflict is bad! Conflict is bad when it comes with bad behaviors like yelling, saying and doing mean things and giving the silent treatment. Conflict is necessary to negotiate a happy middle ground in your relationship. If your conflict is intense, you need to learn how to better negotiate getting your needs met in your marriage.

Two Objectives of Marriage Intervention

Reduce Conflict and Increase Marital Commitment

Where is your marriage right now?

  • Degree of Conflict - 1 to 10
  • Degree of Commitment - 1 to 10

Safe Zone - 5 and Below

My Two Treatment Options

Consider what might be best for your marriage. I offer services to fit your needs. Couples 5 and above can benefit best from 8 to 10 weeks of therapy focusing on their particular area of conflict and improving their communication. Couples who are below 5 need an extensive and extended coaching to remove the barriers between them.

Short Term Intervention

For couples with a high level of commitment who need to improve their communication and conflict resolution skills.

Long Term Intervention

For couples experiencing severe conflict with more complex issues like infidelity, anger management, and addiction.

In 90 Days do a 180 in Your Marriage!

Whichever treatment option you choose, I'm confident I can help your marriage because I have helped hundreds of couples work through their issues and turn their marriage around. Contact me today to get started working on your marriage.


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